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Daughter of Bride

At Tintagels Gate ~ Flowerland​

501 Main Street, Athol MA 01331

508-612-6335 ~ 978-830-4611

Tintagels Gate

Flowerland Athol

Auric Field

The Auric Field is like your own personal space suit. It is your outermost layer. It protects you from harmful energies. It is the first part of you that makes contact with the world around you and dictates or filters the way you view it.

The Auric Field can develop holes from stress and trauma.

When the Auric Field is not fully extended, it can feel like the walls are closing in on you. 

When your Auric Field is intact, you feel confident, peaceful, healthier.

An intact Auric Field can help keep ‘negative’ people away from you and minimize their influence.

A strong Auric Field can help deter illness or shorten the length of the illness.

Holes in the Auric Field can be the source of pain, illness, stress and even bad habits.